Bill Mack

The impact of Bill Mack's art is achieved not only by his dramatic portrayal of the human form, but also by the utilization of a wide variety of materials with which to execute his artistic vision. The final work emerges as a classic example of the interplay of form and materials. For over 35 years, Bill Mack has created sculpture in relief and in the round for government, corporate and private collections. His art hangs in galleries in four continents and he has had exhibits in Tokyo, England, France and Germany. In reference to his interest in relief sculpture, Mack states, "A lot of sculptors have no reason to do it and they just don't develop in that direction. I've had to actually re-work pieces by some teachers of sculpture and some sculptors of note who do all their work in the round and for one reason or another, have difficulty doing something in relief. It's not like I'm tooting my own horn, but I know there's no one in the United States, or in the world, for that matter, who can technically do a relief portrait better than I can.

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America Bonded Bronze

America, (Bonded Bronze)

             by Bill Mack

The Statue of Liberty, a timeless mark of our country's strength and hope, is depicted beautifully in this new relief sculpture. Flying high behind her, the Amercian Flag supports the sentiment of bravery and justice this artwork so proudly exudes. Inscribed beside her are the lyrics of the exalted anthem, "America the Beautiful", celebrating the truly precious gift of our beloved country. America masterfully weaves together these three altruistic symbols of our nation's steadfast faith in freedom and peace, now and forever

Cherish, (Bonded Natural Sand)

            by Bill Mack

Media : Relief Sculpture, Bonded Natural Sand
Image Dimensions : 43" (including leg) x 33"
Year Produced : 2001
Edition Size : 145 Numbered

Dimensional Adorned, (Mixed Metals)

                      by Bill Mack


Media : Relief Sculpture, Mixed Metals
Image Dimensions : 36" x 24"
Year Produced : 2000
Edition Size : 95 Signed and Numbered
10 IE
10 AP
5 TP

Encircled Enigma, (Bonded Stainless)

                       by Bill Mack

Media : Relief Sculpture, Bonded Stainless
Image Dimensions : 40" Diameter
Year Produced : 2006
Edition Size : 75 Standard Edition
20 International Edition
25 Artist Proofs
5 Trial Proofs

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